Who we are

We are Terzo Enterprises! Check us out à https://terzoenterprises.com/

We are a logistics company that focuses on the repair, refurbishment, and re-manufacturing of pallets.

Why Terzo Enterprises?

  • Comprehensive benefit plan
  • Positive environment, team oriented
  • 6 paid holidays (after 90 days of employment)
  • Indoor steady work, year-round!

What you’ll do?

The job involves repairing and refurbishing damaged pallets in a fast-paced production environment. The repairs must adhere to company and safety standards while ensuring speed, accuracy, and attention to detail. It is essential to meet and exceed daily production quotas while prioritizing safety at all times. Additionally, customer quality criteria must also be met.

Hours & Pay :

Pay rate- $20.00 training rate and base rate. Additional performance incentives are available after 4–6 week training period.


As a pallet builder, you will be responsible for visually inspecting pallets for defects such as broken boards and blocks, missing components, nail defects, debris, and contamination. You will need to correct defects that do not meet specification criteria.

Your tasks will also include removing damaged boards using a pry bar or hammer, using a reciprocating saw and grinder to cut or remove old and bent nails, and attaching appropriate boards according to company specifications using a pneumatic nail gun and hammer. Basic math skills will be required to perform tasks such as adding or subtracting the number of pallets repaired.

At the end of your shift, you will be responsible for restocking building supplies, cleaning the pallet repair area, and performing other duties as required. You may also be required to work overtime, weekends, or rotating shifts.

Must be 18+ years old

Basic tool knowledge is a plus

Frequent lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, and flipping of 75-to-85-pound pallets.

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Terzo Enterprises Incorporated is an Equal Opportunity Employer